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How to Use Dry Shampoo

How to Use Dry Shampoo

By: Carla Snuggs

Dry shampoo is a summer hair care must-have. If you haven’t tried dry shampoo, you’re missing out on a great quick fix. It can help refresh your hair and give you an instant volume boost when you’re short on time or can’t shower (like when you’re camping). If you already use dry shampoo, you know what I mean; it has saved my life on many occasions!

We talked with Don Bewley, founder of Eufora International to get answers to the most frequently asked questions about dry shampoo. This Q&A should help you make the most of dry shampoo.

What is dry shampoo and how is it different from traditional shampoo?
Dry shampoo is typically a powder-type formula that absorbs excess dirt and oil, leaving the hair looking and feeling less greasy and oily. Traditional shampoos remove excess dirt and oils, where as dry shampoos just disguise them. Many dry shampoos add texture and body to second day hair.

What are the benefits of using dry shampoo?
It can extend the life of your style or color because you won’t need to shampoo or heat style as often. Also, skipping thermal and heat styling for a day or two by using a dry shampoo instead, will help decrease damage to the hair since we all know that heat styling can be very damaging to the hair cuticle. Also, another great benefit of using a dry shampoo is it absorbs excess oil and dirt while adding texture to your hair. It’s a great tool to use in between a work out and a night out on the town since it instantly refreshes hair.

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