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5 New styling tools that will rock your world


The Kevin Murphy Wave.Clip smooths away frizzies in curly hair to create beautiful, defined curls, however, it also can be utilized with straight hair to achieve smooth, frizz-free waves. With the Wave.Clip, you clip large sections of hair (generally you’ll need 6-8 clips total).

You can use Wave.Clips to get soft waves or ’50s pin-up curls. Apply a holding product to your hair, put in the clips and then blow dry your hair on low heat. When you remove the clips, style your hair with your fingers.

Australian celebrity stylist Kevin Murphy demonstrates how to use the Wave.Clip in this tutorial video.


Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin has been the top-selling hair accessory in the United States since spring 2010, and though these little pins are fantastic to hold your updo in place, the Goodystyling tool that we love is the Bun Spiral.

You simply pull your hair into a ponytail, then twirl it into a bun. Twist in the Bun Spiral for a beautiful bun that stays put. The Bun Spiral is available for light or dark hair and comes with a style guide to help you create three different types of buns.


We all know that ionic technology is essential to achieve shiny hair when using a flat iron, however, the technology is also offered in other styling tools, such as the Solano Gel Grip Thermal Brush Collection.

The bristles on these brushes are gentle on your scalp, while the gel grip keeps your wrists from cramping and aching. But the best part of the Solano brushes is the ceramic tourmaline barrel that is designed to withstand heat while eliminating frizz and adding shine.

With these brushes, your hair dries quickly and it’s easy to create soft curls, flip your hair out or smooth it straight.

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