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6 Different ways to wear a headband

drew barrymore

by Brooke Andersen

Headbands come thick and thin, neutral or sparkly. Try wearing  a headband with a different hairstyle each day to get a completely different look.

 With an updo

Easy as pulling your hair into a ponytail or pinned up curls, just add a thinner headband to pull back your hair and provide a feminine detail!



Molly Sims

Boho hippy

The newest way to wear your headband is boho chic. Part your hair down the middle and place headband op top of head. Be sure to tuck in hair to avoid mushroom top head!


Loose waves

Wear a simple headband with loose waves to keep hair out of your face or just to wear another accessory.



Reese Witherspoon

Straight locks

Best way to wear a bow headband is after a great blow out and straight hair. Leave front hair pieces in front to soften your facial features.


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