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How to braid for the holidays

Lauren Conrad's single braid

by Bobby Schuessler

When deciding which hairstyle to rock this month, there’s nothing easier and more breathtaking than a delicate side braid. Who doesn’t want to embrace their inner fairy or angel while gliding through the snow? Doesn’t that just sound so dreamy?

While stars such as Diane Kruger and Minka Kelly have been known to channel their inner ethereal creatures with the hairstyle, reality star meets designer meets author Lauren Conrad always wins our award for the best side braid.

Whether she’s designing her collection Paper Crown or heading to a book signing for her bestselling novels, the mini-mogul’s braid always looks beautiful and effortless. Use the easy hair tips below to create your simple braid to be ready at a moment’s notice this season.

Create the braid

  • Texture: Make sure your hair has body before you begin braiding. Try Fekkai’s Full Volume Mousse to add the volume needed.
  • Tie: It’s always smart to tie back the chunk of hair you will not be using. This will allow you to focus on creating the perfect size braid. (We recommend only using a tiny bunch of hair for the braid to keep a clean look.)
  • Holiday Tip: As you braid, take a few pieces of metallic ribbon and incorporate into your braid for that easy, festive look.

    Braid: Take three chunks of hair (preferably one inch each) at the top of your left ear and braid placing one chunk over the other until you get towards the end of your hair.

  • Secure: Take a bobby pin (Conair’s black pins are only $2 for 50), and place at end of braid. Then swing the strand at the left ear around to the back of your head and embed the pin into your large chunk of hair for the side braid look.
  • Spruce: Depending on the occasion, either lightly curl your hair for a glamorous evening look, or straighten for a casual but sexy vibe.

With this five minute routine, you will be sure to spread some holiday beauty cheer this year.



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