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Hair twirling gone dangerous

Woman with Trichotillomania

by Chrissy Callahan

ver heard of Trichotillomania? If not, you should. We chatted with Liz Cunanne Philips, trichologist atPhilip Kingsley, about the serious condition that many of us never knew existed. Here’s what she had to say!

What exactly is Trichotillomania?

According to Philips, the condition has been around for decades.  Trichotillomania, self-inflicted hair loss, occurs when harmless twirling gradually reaches the pulling stage. At this point, the patient pulls out hairs one by one, eventually causing a thin or bald patch that can cover large areas.

And like many bad habits, this is one that isn’t quite easy to break. Trichotillomania – which is more common in women than men, by a four to one ratio, Philips says – can last for years if the patient doesn’t get help.

What causes the condition?

Pinpointing why each of us do the little odd things we do is never easy, but Philips has enough experience in dealing with Trichotillomania that she paints a pretty accurate of its causes: “There are an infinite number of reasons that can set the urge to pull in motion. While many people twirl and play with their hair, a small percentage of those actually pull it out… The satisfaction achieved by the process of twirling and eventually leading to pulling can be rooted in deep psychological undertones.”

Philips says she sees a couple of cases of the condition at her New York clinic on average in any given month and that for many patients, the whole process is exhilarating: “The sensation of pain creates a sensation that is one of exhilaration, which can then develop to patch, which can grow over time.”

One other major factor? Stress. “Often times the patient reports a period of elevated stress that then spurred the condition,” she says. “I have never observed a case where stress was not one of the presenting factors.”

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