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Curling iron 101: How to get modelesque hair

Woman with curly hair


  1. Blow dry your hair until almost completely dry, but before you start, spritz your hair with finishing spray to give it a little texture and improve holding power.
  2. Use a standard curling iron with a 1-1/2-inch barrel. Instead of securing the hair under the clamp, wrap your hair around the iron without opening it.
  3. Wait 20-30 seconds, then slide out the iron. Repeat all over your entire head, then run your fingers through your hair to style.
  4. Add a couple more spritzes of finishing spray to add some shine and extra hold.


Curl the entire head with a large barrel curling iron. Hold the curling iron vertically (perpendicular to the floor) rather than horizontally. Curl different sections in opposite directions.

According to celebrity stylist Larry Sims, this curling technique “allows ringlets to look and feel more organic.” Sims recommends locking in the curls with göt2b smooth operator smoothing hairspray (just $5.99 at Wal-mart and most drug stores).


To get sweet cork-screw curls, follow the easy steps in this video tutorial.


If you have wavy or curly hair, you want your hair to have natural, textured waves without looking frizzy.

  1. Start by adding a heat protection spray to your hair (John Freida, TRESemme and Pantene products are good options) and then blow dry with a diffuser attachment. Scrunch your hair gently in sections as you dry it.
  2. To finish off the look, use a 3/4-inch curling iron and twist sections of your hair around the iron. Start at the ends of your hair and just wrap it around a few inches, directing your hair away from your face. Release after a few seconds to create loose, beautiful waves, rather than obvious curls.

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