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Hair color trends in 2011

Anne Hathaway


Bright blonde highlights in dark brown hair are a thing of the past. Keep your look updated with super subtle highlights. Actress Anne Hathaway recently sported this look. Her beautiful, long dark hair was given some dimension with nearly unnoticeable dark highlights. These highlights aren’t meant to stand out upon first glance. They’re natural — only about one or two shades away from the base color.


Take a walk on the wild side without venturing into the world of weird. Add unnatural twists to otherwise natural styles. 2011’s runways showed funky additions hidden in highlights, including bright neon-colored highlights masked by other, natural-colored highlights. Another great way to spice up the mundane this season is to add feather extensions into highlights.


Bright blonde hair means instant sex appeal. It conjures imagines of seductive screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe.  This year, blonde is taken to the extreme. Bleached and dyed hair nearly white on 2011 runways. This look has been seen on Christina Aguilera and was popularized by the likes of Lady Gaga. Consult your stylist on how blonde you should go. The brightest blonde doesn’t always suit all faces.

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