Faith Allen Hair Design

7 Nature-inspired hair accessories

Nature hair accessories


These headbands are almost like feather extensions, but instead of being permanent or clip-in feathers, it’s a headband with a unique feather design that hangs from the bottom and peeks out. Try wearing a peacock feather drop headband to add a unique sense of style to your mane.


Hair barrettes aren’t just for little girls, but they can look appropriate and stylish at any age when worn accordingly. This bright yellow petal aster barrette from Anthropologie is girly, yet sophisticated enough to pop in your hair when dressing up for work or for date night.


Though bobby pins are a huge help by securing unruly hair, their physical form could be a little more appeasing to the eye. These branch bobby pins are perfectly appealing and stylish. They’ll give your tresses the natural look you crave.


Butterfly accessories can be tough to pull off without looking too young. This gold metal butterfly headband from TopShop captures the whimsical essence of butterflies, while staying true to the grown-up girl’s age. This butterfly headband is age-appropriate and chic. What more could you ask for when butterflies are involved?


Not into permanent hair-changes? If so, these flirty clip-in feather hair extensions are the absolute hair accessory for you. The feather hair extensions come in three colors with hints of bright color to give your hair the flight it needs. (Remember, Faith now offers feather extensions for $25!)

Find out what the final 2 nature inspired hair accessories are at


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