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Would you rock rainbow hair like Lauren Conrad?

Lauren Conrad's rainbow hair

by Meagan Morris

We look to Lauren Conrad to give us the lowdown on everything from fashion — we love, love loveher Paper Crown line — to hair care. We’ll admit, we’re a bit obsessed with her website The Beauty Department because she shares her personal beauty stories — like whether or not to dye her hair in rainbow colors.

“So I know that this look is a little different, but I can’t help it… I’m obsessed!  I spent all yesterday trying to decide if I should take a chance and attempt this daring trend (temporarily of course), but I simply can’t make up my mind,” Conrad wrote in a post. “So I’m leaving it up to you pretties!  Let me know if you think I should go for something different and try these tie-dyed tips or I should leave this one to the rebelling teens…”

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Conrad added a poll to gauge the reaction — and rainbow colors won out by a huge margin. She ended up doing the deed before the holiday weekend.

“You voted and I did it,” she wrote, along with the photo of her rainbow-hued tresses.

Maybe her craving for something new was the result of her breakup with boyfriend Kyle Howard.

“Last Night, June 30, reality TV star turned designer then author, Lauren Conrad had a long overdue girls night with long time BFF Lo Bosworth at LA hotspot The Beverly,” a source told SheKnows. “Newly single and apparently not too heart-broken LC, danced and sipped on champagne with her Laguna Beach partner-in-crime and friends while catching the eyes of many male admirers throughout the entire night.”

We’re sure she won’t be single for long.


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