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Hairstyles for Teens

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Teen hairstyles are always in change, to reflect the taste and style of the generation. They are the ones who dare to do any change that can bring edginess in their look, without being concerned about the reactions after. They try colors, haircuts and hairstyles that make changes not in their life, but in the whole fashion industry. Here are a few of the most popular edgy hairstyles for teens.

Crazy Crimps

Crazy crimps are very popular, specially because of the extreme volume that provides. It gives a crazy look and can be shaped in any style you wish. Having already a structure, the hair is easy to style and needs a low maintenance. It can be mixed with other styles and colors, making it even more sophisticated. But the crimped hairstyles are already sophisticated, by using some discreet accessory like a headband, it is more than enough to create a glamorous look that can be worn even in the school. And the good part is, you can also do it your own at home, by braiding your hair when wet and letting it to dry. Then simply let it loose and you’ll have the desired texture.

Crimped Updo Hairstyle crimp2

Colors in The Hair

Colors have gone wild in the hair styling industry. There can be all the rainbow colors, and all the strange mixes that mature people would ever try. Starting from pink, green, blue, purple, even yellow, you can try anything, and any match you dream about. Straight hair makes the colors stand out even more. Having it all colored, or just the bangs, this kind of hair got really popular between teenagers. Another great style that might seem strange are the raccoon dye. That means having horizontal stripes in your hair. It looks pretty amazing!

hair-color3 2bj 2strands

Rock Chick Hairstyle

The rock chick hairstyle has sharp edgy haircuts, asymmetrical ones, in the most bright colors possible. Mixing the styles and creating the most original looks possible, the rock chick haircuts are still feminine and glamorous. It is one of the strongest styles in trend, even though it is a high maintenance and needs not only regular straightening, but a proper hair care routine to keep it perfectly styled.

glam-rock-short haircolortypes_lowlights1 glam-rock-hairstyle4

Chunky Hairstyles

The chunky hairstyles are very versatile, they can change from a good girl style to a punk- rock look. Mixed in the most alternative ways with colors, the chunky hairstyles are low maintenance haircuts that can be left just as got out of the bed. In other cases, it’s perfectly smooth and straight, to give a better definition to the colors added. This hairstyle is most of the times short cut, and recommended for thin hair and round face shapes. It is a hairstyle that matches any wild personality.

haircoloringhighlightsinbangs1 haircoloringblondeandblackpanelling Layered Haircut for Fine Hair

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