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Guide To Choose The Best Hair Dryer

Author: Blain Gowing

Now there are numerous brands of hair dryer models available in the market to choose from. Hence, it has become a difficult task in sorting the best hair dryers from those cheap or expensive hair dryers. Other than judging a product from its brand name or trendy looking appeal, there are lots of other important factors that determine the quality of a hair dryer. In this article, we will provide you with some easy tips that help in choosing the best dryer for your hair.

All the professional hair dryers of today come with the integration of negative ion technology because of which the device emits plenty of negative ions that break down water droplets into micro-droplets that can be easily absorbed into the hair shaft. This in turn helps in hydrating the hair, thereby sealing and flattening the cuticle so as to make your hair smooth, shiny and healthy. Thus, while choosing a best hair dryer, you should look out for this amazing technology that generates lots of negative ions.

Ionic hair dryers are specifically designed devices that are capable of producing lots of negative ions. As compared to ordinary models that emit positive ions that lead to serious hair damages, modern ionic hair dryers such as those designed by best selling manufacturers like Babyliss, Avanti, etc are professional ionic hair dryer that offers maximum protection of your hair during blow drying. Other best hair dryers are ceramic hair dryers that come with advanced ceramic technology. They produce numerous negative ions when heated and also heats your hair evenly. Such hair dryers are also capable of preventing bacterial formation on your hair.

Tourmaline hair dryers are slightly better than ceramic hair dryers as they produce more negative ions than ceramic, about 6 times more than ceramic. Even though a bit costly as compared to others, they are still worth the price owing to their best quality, durability and amazing performance.

The size of the motor, especially the wattage is another best quality determinant to look for while choosing a high quality hair dryer. Higher wattage means more powerful motor that is capable of producing more heat in quicker drying time. A minimum wattage of around 1800 watts is seen on professional hair dryers.

Heat and speed settings, especially those with a minimum of 2 speed and 2 temperature settings with a cool shot button to ‘lock in’ curls are also important.

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