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5 Must-have hairstyling tools

by Christina Caldwell

There are thousands of hairstyling tools to choose from at your local beauty store. From electric wavers to foam curlers, deciding which tools are essentials and which are a styling splurge can be a difficult decision. We’ve whittled down the list to five tools that are absolutely essential for creating pretty, modern styles.


Flat iron

The flat iron has become increasingly popular in the last few years as frustrated women and stylists became fed up with spending hours straightening hair with a brush, hair dryer and plenty of arm strength. This iron achieves the same effect without all of the effort. It can work for all hair types, even for naturally stick straight hair. Add dimension by sectioning your hair and running the flat iron over it. Slightly flip the iron at the ends of your hair to add curl, or keep it straight to get that sleek, straight look.


Remington curling wand


A classic hairstyling staple of women around the globe, the curling iron seems like a no-brainer inclusion in a hair tool repertoire. However, an edgy and on-trend alternative to the traditional clip-and-curl curling iron is the curling wand. Sans a clip, simply wrap your hair around the wand and hold for a natural looking wave or curl.


Tourmaline hair dryer

Hair dryers might seem like an obvious addition to your hairstyling routine as well, but we should emphasize that this means a good hair dryer. The right hair dryer can add shine, volume and sleekness to your coif. In general, the higher the wattage, the hotter and harder your hair dryer will blow. If you straighten your hair with a dryer, look for a tool with a flat nozzle attachment.  For frizz-free styles, spring for a diffuser. Want smooth and shiny hair? Tourmaline (or “ionic”) hair dryers will get you there.

Find out the 2 other must-have hairstyling tools and watch a video tutorial on using a curling wand at


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