Faith Allen Hair Design

Eufora Product Uses and Results

Although Eufora is a great hair care line for every type of hair, I have found some of its properties are really well suited to particular uses or treatments. Below is just a sample:

Curls Are Back
Soft, natural curls are in thanks to a new technique called ‘flashwave’. This creates a wavy look, which blends the curls into the crown to add volume—sassy, sexy and easy to style! Use Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner (depending on hair type). Apply Curly Defining Solution on towel dried hair. Allow to air dry and then use Curl ‘N Spray Revitalizer to enhance curls. Finish with Pieceworks to bend and mold your curls. This will create a soft natural curl.

For Hair Loss
Use Pure Cleanse Shampoo and massage the stress area. Then work it through the rest of your hair. Apply Urgent Repair Replenishing Treatment to the stress area and massage and comb through the hair. Towel dry hair and spray Fortifi Strengthening Spray on the stress area. Then finish with the Eufora Color Lock system. This will help protect your remaining hair and may help encourage hair growth.

Conditioning Color Safe Repair Treatment
As an at home treatment, use Urgent Repair Shampoo and leave on for 5 minutes. Follow with Urgent Repair Conditioner and comb through your hair. Leave in for 20 minutes with a plastic cap.

In the salon we can do a Detoxifying Replenishing Hair Treatment. This treatment service adds moisture and shine back into the hair. It removes buildup and prevents further damage. The treatment process begins with Urgent Repair shampoo followed by a Conditioning Masque under the dryer for 20 minutes. Then we finish with a blow dry.



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