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Hairstyling Ideas For 2011

Author: Melissa Langley

Is it not fun to change our hairstyles whenever we wake up? Hairstyle transformations are what keep up funky and fresh, ready to face the new day ahead.

There are a lot of available inspirations when it comes to hairstyling ideas. Hairstyling ideas can come from a song, a movie, or a stranger that walked pass you. Whatever the source might be, hairstyling ideas are sure ways to help spicen up you over-all look.

New Hair Cut

A hair cut is perhaps the most tried and tested way to change how you look. There are tons of hair cut styles that you can choose from. You can look at hair magazines, internet, or your favourite celebrity on the TV.

For people round face, long bob hair cut styles are the ones for you. You can also try soft graduated layers as well as wispy and tapered ends. These de-emphasize the roundness of your face. For people with square-shaped faces, the best hair cut for you are those with short, spiky, and choppy ends. Layers that start at the jawline and continue downward de-emphasizes the squareness of your face. Lastly, for people with oval faces, you can go away with basically everything: short or long, straight or wavy or even one of the funkier, edgier hairstyles.

Change in Hair Color

Hair color trends this year is all about bold and punky hues. You will see that most people sporting new hair color has shades of orange, pink, green, and all those bright tones.  Still, there is nothing wrong with staying in the comfort zones. Natural tones of hair color can still vamp up your look. Just remember that when it comes to hair color changes, you still have to complement the natural base color of your hair.

Adapting Hair Highlights

When it comes to highlights, you can choose among three methods of highlighting your hair. These methods of doing highlights are foil highlighting, hair chunking, and hair painting.

Foil highlights are done by applying bleach to the strands of hair then individually wrapping then in foil papers. This method is the easiest to control and gives you the best results as the highlights can be done closest to the roots. Hair chunking, on the other hand, is simply applying bleach through the use of a hair brush. Lastly, hair chunking involves putting a cap with holes on the head, pulling strands of hair through the holes, and then bleaching them.

Cool Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are best for people who have cut their long hair short and are basically sorry for what they did. Hair extensions are the perfect solution for those people who want luscious locks one day, and short bobs the next.

Contrary to popular notion, maintenance of hair extensions is not that hard. You just have to treat it pretty much how you treat your hair: shampoo, condition and moisturize, and blow dry. One more thing about hair extensions: never wear them while sleeping. It causes tangles which lead to their short lifespan.

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