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How to Get Surfer Girl Beach Waves

Surfer Girl Wavy Hairstyle

Author: BecomeGorgeous

Having soft curls make your entire look have a romantic touch and an appealing attitude. It provides a cute look that will help you stand out of the crowd. It emphasizes the facial features and creates an illusion of weight. Gives volume to your hair and a super sexy look. So start getting your wavy texture. As for the length, keep it long, because a shorter haircut wouldnt do the loose surfer girl style.

Wash your hair and condition as always. It is important that you keep your hairs health to have the best styling result. Dry it half way and start styling.

The easiest and fastest way to achieve beach waves is to separate your hair in sections and put them into pigtails. Take one strand, apply a styling mousse and start coiling it. Fix the coiled hair to your head with bobby pins. Repeat the procedure for each section. The larger your strands are, the larger and looser the curls will be. Allow your hair to get dried properly, than release the coils. Use a blow dryer if necessary. Loosen up the curls by using your fingers, and fox the waves with some hairspray.

Another option would be using rollers. Opt for the large ones and make sure you dry completely your hair before getting them off. This technique will need more time, and the hairstyle won’t be as messy as a rel surfer girl would wear it.

You can also use curling iron, or even flat iron to get a more unique texture. In this case, use a heat protector product to make sure you wont damage your hair. Each time, separate your traces with your fingers, relax the strands and fix them with hairspray. Try not to over do it, because the curls should be actually waves, so avoid tight curls. Being at the beach, means having fun and getting relaxed. So keep your hair simple and loose.

Many celebrities have opted for this style, specially because it provides a glamorous romantic look without any extra styling needed. A couple of them with sexy wavy hair are: Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Gisele Bumchen, Jessica Jimpson, Jessica Biel, Nicole Kiman, and many other. So get inspired and get yourself a new look.

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