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Join the Celebrity Craze: The Brazilian Blow Dry

Author: Suzanne Greenfield

From scouring through page after page of the top glossy magazines, it can become apparent to us mere mortals that just like us, celebrities will always be on the look out for new and innovative trends which help them look healthier, younger or simply more beautiful. Over the past few years, the hair industry has dramatically jumped ahead of the make up and fragrance industries as both celebs and the general public look to obtain long, smooth and gorgeously shiny hair.

One of the main trends of late is the Brazilian blow dry which was first brought to our attention courtesy of socialite and writer, Nicole Ritchie. Tired of the endless hours required in order to keep her hair smooth and straight, she was soon ensuring that the whole world was aware of this innovative and valuable method of keeping her locks in check. In fact, thanks to the utilization of the web, the buzz surrounding the Brazilian blow dry made its way across the pond with women across the UK itching to see the results of this procedure for themselves.

At a quick glance, the Brazilian blow dry may sound like something either a little exotic or may lead some to think it is merely a new method of blow drying. Neither could be further from the truth. In short, the Brazilian blow dry helps to make unkempt and wild hair, manageable. Whereas previously you may have required hours in front of the mirror in order to achieve straight hair, the Brazilian blow dry will provide you with smooth hair that last weeks-helping to dramatically cut your current styling time.

Utilizing the natural substance of keratin which is found within our skin, nails and hair, the Brazilian blow dry is a great way to nourish and hydrate your hair- even if it is severely dry or damaged from styling. In short, it can help your limp locks to become revitalized! If you are tired of trying to tangle your unruly mane and have tried a myriad of other straightening treatments in the past to no avail, there is a chance you may be sceptical as to the power of the Brazilian blow dry. But you really needn’t worry. Once your treatment has been applied and you have awaited the allotted time it requires in order to be effective, you will be the proud owner of smooth hair every time you wash and blow dry your hair at home. Of course, you may require some minor use of the straighteners if you previously had extremely curly hair, but you will find that your new styling time is next to nothing.

So, just what does this wondrous treatment entail? Your treatment will begin with the use of a clarifying shampoo in order to rid your hair of any residue. Once your hair is blow dried, it will be drenched in the protein-rich keratin solution from root to tip until each end is completed covered. Following this, the treatment will be sealed into the hair with the use of hot irons. Although you may feel a little anxious as to your hairs appearance at this stage, this is just a standard of the treatment. Over the next 4 days, you will be limited in terms of what you can do with your hair (no styling, no products, no tying up and most importantly, NO washing or moisture) but in the end it will be well worth the emotional pain! Once your waiting time is complete, you will be able to wash the protein from your hair and will be the proud owner of soft, smooth and straight hair that is manageable and healthy looking.

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For many who have tried it, it has truly changed their lives as they now sport the hair they’ve always dreamed of. Learn more about the Brazilian Blow Dry from Inanch London.


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