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How To Create A Loose Updo Hairstyle

Author: BecomeGorgeous

Learning how to create a loose updo hairstyle might seems as a quite difficult job for some women, but with a little bit of skill and practice one can manage to create unbelievably stylish updos with a minimum amount of effort.

There are a variety of hairstyles to choose from so why choose an updo hairstyle? Well the answer is quite easy as updo hairstyles are perfect hairstyles for different occasions, they are low maintenance and can be created on all hair types as long as a medium or long hair length is provided. For women who don’t have enough hair length temporary hair extensions can be added for a more stylish look. Another reason for choosing a loose updo hairstyle is its popularity as this year celebrities have amazed with their perfect loose updo hairstyles chosen for different red carpet events.

Naturalness is highly fashionable this year and this type of hairstyle states “I look fabulous without trying too much”. So what do you need to recreate a loose updo hairstyle? First you will need hair styling mousse, bobby pins, blow dryer, hair elastic, comb, a mirror and just a little bit of skill.

Here are the main steps you need to follow so you can benefit from a lovely hairstyle that doesn’t take too much to style and looks fabulous.

  • You can start with freshly washed hair of you can choose to style your hair without washing it as long as the hair doesn’t have a dirty/greasy look as this is not appealing when it comes to any type of hairstyle.
  • Apply the hair styling mousse uniformly throughout the hair scrunching it to allow the hair to receive a certain wavy look as loose hairstyles created on wavy hairstyles look incredibly attractive.
  • Blow dry the hair while having your head flipped upside down to allow the hair to receive a greater amount of hair volume and texture. Keep scrunching the hair with one hand to help maintain its wavy appearance.
  • When your hair is almost completely dry flip your head up and continue blow drying until the hair is completely dry.
  • Using your hands pull your hair back just like you would do for a ponytail hairstyle and hold it using one hand into place making sure the pony is centered. Take the comb into the other hand and smooth out any hair strands that need some extra styling.
  • Set the hair into place using the hair elastic without pulling the hair too tight as it needs to maintain a looser appearance. Pulling the hair too tight will not allow you to style your hair as desired.
  • Separate using your fingers small hair strands out of the pony, twist then gently and pin them close to the scalp randomly. This will create a lovely updo featuring a very casual appearance yet stylish enough to grab positive attention.
  • Set the hair on top of the head backwards using a bit of hairspray and if necessary a few bobby pins. You now have a stylish and easy to do hairstyle perfect for different special occasions.

With a little bit of practice you will be able to style your tresses effortlessly so try to be diverse with your hairstyle so you can be admired every single day for your lovely physical appearance. For a source of inspiration check out your favorite celebrity hairstyle and try to be inventive.

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