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How to Wear Side Bun Hairstyles

Author: BecomeGorgeous

Side bun hairstyles are getting more and more popular since they have made a huge comeback on the runways. It is a simple updo, yet sophisticated in its own way. It is a low maintenance look that provides a secure, elegant and stylish appearance for any occasion. Here are some ideas on how to wear it.

Straight or Curly Hair

First of all, you should decide what texture are you going for. Straight hair can do a perfect sleek side bun that add a bit of edginess to your look. It is definitely a statement making style that provides an eye-catching appearance. You don’t need to accessorize it, just use a long strand to pass it from one side of your head to the other one and use it as a natural accessory. Try to make it without any parting to create a unique style. Fix it with plenty of hairspray.

If you go for curly or wavy styles, you can create glamorous buns with volume. These ones perfectly match side partings and bangs which will soften your look. Make tight curls and finish a perfectly polished bun, or leave hair in soft waves, tease a bit if you need to and fix it with bobby pins. Hide them as best as possible and fix your look with hairspray.

Low or High Side Bun

Another criteria that can add personality to your side bun, is where you place the bun. You can either go for low buns, or try some high positioned side buns that will create a different dimension to your personality. Low ones are the classic, elegant ones, while the high side buns are edgy, modern and perfect for a statement making look.

Maintain a Healthy Hair

Keep in mind that any styling means damaging your hair. So do your best in treating it and providing all the necessary vitamins it needs. Make sure you detangle your hair at the end of each day and remove all the styling products you used during the day. Nourish your hair by deep conditioning it, use homemade hair masks and maintain a healthy look. Only a healthy looking hair can make the best updos and provide the style you want.

Get Inspired from Celebrities

Also, you can always get inspired from celebrity hairstyles, who make incredible appearances with their glamorous updos. There are plenty of them who sport the side bun hairstyle, so you just need to find the one that matches your personality and wear the most feminine and chic look from the runway.

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