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Childhelp Honors Eufora

Don and Beth Bewley, founders of Eufora International, recently received the Childhelp Corporate Compassion Award for their years of service in helping to raise funds for, and create awareness of child abuse. Childhelp founders and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominees, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, presented the Bewleys with the award at the organization’s recent gala event in Orange County, CA. Eufora was recognized for their outstanding efforts, which have raised over $300,000 for victims of child abuse in the last three years.

“Don and I have always placed a special value on family,” said Beth Bewley. “When we were first introduced to the organization and learned of the enormous and deastating problem, we were compelled to get involved. Our network of salons across North America has rallied with us and we could not be more proud of the contribution we’ve all been able to make in helping abused children. We are humbled to receive this award and our efforts will continue to help eradicate this most heinous social problem of our time.”

Don and Beth would like to thank each and every stylist and salon owner who has joined in the Eufora mission and given generously of their time and money for Childhelp.


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