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Testimonials from Happy Eufora Users

For years I have enjoyed trying a wide variety of high quality hair products. About six months ago my stylist introduced me to Eufora. She knows I’m a fan of organic products and knows I take good care of my hair. I will NEVER use another product other than Eufora again! I am a complete convert!! Your products are FAR superior to any others I’ve ever tried. They have truly changed my hair. You have a customer for life. Truly outstanding products made with quality, organic ingredients; I couldn’t be happier. So thank you.

Warmest regards,

Corrina Milito

I wanted to tell you my story about Eufora’s Urgent Repair Replenishing Treatment and how it instantly heals burns and allergic reactions!! I have been using cocoa butter lotion by palmers the anti stretch mark cream and my stomach felt itchy, like I had sun burn. So I took a shower and washed it off and my stomach was still itching uncontrollably and irritated like hives. (this went on for about a week! So I used Urgent Repair Replenishing Treatment and just rubbed it all over my tummy for about 3-5 min and felt instant SOOTHING. I got out of the shower there was absolutely no itch and my skin looked normal again…no redness or hives!! I am sooo thankful for this stuff because I was scratching so bad I could have scarred my stomach forever! I am soooooooo grateful for this product!!!!

Jacqueline Brown

I just had to write to thank you for creating such fabulous products! My hair was completely destroyed and falling out due to a combination of processing & sub-par products. A friend of mine, Thom Haraczy of Possibilities Salon in Erie, PA said he would be able to help me. Sure enough, my hair is amazing as a result of your products. I am so thankful! I was also very impressed with the knowledge Thom had of the Eufora products. I think its important to know what exactly is going on my hair, especially since I had just experienced such drastic hair issues myself. Thom has a true passion & belief for the Eufora line and I can understand why! I feel like I am now a walking advertisement for your products. People ask me all the time about my hair & what I use. I just cant say enough good about Eufora and the amazing training you provide to your salons. Also, it is so nice to have a product that doesnt smell like dead geraniums! Thanks so much and best wishes for your continued growth& success!

Keri Catalde, PA

My hairdresser bought me your products for my birthday present. She is also my best friend. I have never ever fell in love with a product for my hair except yours. I love the way it cleans, feels and looks. I will never stop buying or using your products. Thank you so much.

Nancy Derrick, CA

From birth until the age of 14 I had silky healthy hair. Throughout my teen years I went back and forth from platinum to black hair every other year. I did this for roughly 8 years. At 22 years old I stopped bleaching my hair and decided to stick with a chestnut brown color. After all these years of abuse on my hair it looked like a broomstick. My sister got a job at a salon that uses strictly Eufora products. I’m hooked! I have only been using the Urgent Repair shampoo and conditioner for a little over a month now but I can already see a drastic difference in the texture, managability, and strength of my hair. My sister did one Pure Tech treatment on me and my hair felt like butter! I need to get my own bottle so I can start using it nightly! I especially love Eufora products because being a vegetarian, it’s hard to find cruelty free products that actually work. I tell everyone I know that its definitely worth a couple extra dollars to have amazing healthy hair! Thanks again!

Colleen, PA


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