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Healthy Summer Hair: Understanding & Preventing Chemical, Ocean & Sun Damage to Hair

The threat of hair damage this summer just isn’t enough to keep women indoors and out of the water. However,
without proper precautions the extra sun, beach and chlorine exposure will fade hair color, cause green hair, lead
to coarse, dry hair, and leave behind destruction that can last for years to come.

“The swimming pool has more hair depleting chemicals than just chlorine. You’ll find copper, which is the green hair culprit, as well as oxidizing agent bromide. A day at the beach is not much better. Salty sea air and water rob hair of natural moisture leaving it dry, coarse and damaged,” said Don Bewley, Eufora Intl. cofounder.

Issue #1 – Sun Damage: “Think about a fabric exposed to the sun: it fades and so will hair color,” said Don Bewley, experienced hairdresser and Eufora Intl. cofounder. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays fades hair color faster on persons with greater outdoor exposure, especially during the summer. Photochemical degradation of hair is the result of light radiation attacking hair proteins, the cell membrane and hair pigments. Essentially, amino acids in the cuticle are damaged creating dry, brittle hair with many fly-aways.

Issue #2 – Ocean Water/Air Exposure: Moisture-depleting sea air and water can really do a number on hair, especially when combined with sunlight. Oxidation occurs when hair is exposed to water, air or sun and even moderate exposure can fade color. To define oxidation, it is anything (i.e. water, air or sun) that adds oxygen to what it contacts. Free radicals are byproducts of oxidation that can interfere with normal cell function and seriously damage cells.

Issue #3 – Chlorine: Chlorine is used to kill bacteria in drinking water and pools, but keep in mind it is also used in bleach to remove pigment in color. Not only does chlorine discolor hair, it damages proteins in the cuticle.

Thankfully with a few adjustments to a hair care routine, summer hair damage can be minimized. Here are a few recommendations:

Recommendation #1: Use Protection
Hair products that provide sun protection from UVA and UVB rays should be used yearround but during the summer it is the most critical. Multiple products offering sun protection can be layered for increased protection including leave-in conditioners, styling and finishing products.
Hydration Leave-in ConditionerPiece Works Defining PasteFormatte Finishing CremeElevate Finishing Spray.

Recommendation #2: Detox
Use a quality, nondrying chelating shampoo, often referred to as a clarifying shampoo, at least once per week and more often for avid swimmers. Chelating shampoos will remove mineral buildup and environmental pollutants. They also help prevent green hair. Choose an EDTA and sulfate-free shampoo to ensure hair is not stripped of it’s health and hair color.
Urgent Repair ShampooA Detoxifying Treatment

Recommendation #3: Moisturizing Treatments
A moisturizing treatment or mask is crucial in keeping hair nourished and looking great. Choose a protein and nutrient rich product and don’t skimp on the time. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes to ensure proper penetration of the hair shaft. Here’s a tip, apply the treatment and leave it on while lounging by the pool.
Urgent Repair Replenishing Treatment

Recommendation #4: Antioxidants
One more important summer survival must: choose products containing effective antioxidants the same way we choose foods rich with antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, E, selenium and zinc. Antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals before damage can be done to hair.
Piece Works Defining Paste


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