Faith Allen Hair Design

5 Hot Tips for the Summer Months

The weather was nice this past weekend, but we all know it is going to get HOT very soon. It is time to start getting out to the pool and turning on the air conditioning. As we ramp up for this warmer weather it is also time to think about your hair. Here are 5 hot hair tips for the summer months.

1)Maintaining health of the hair at home Remedy for a deep conditionor: Leave Eufora urgent repair shampoo on for 5 mins rinse and follow with urgent repair conditionor in hair for 20 minutes, then wrap hair in a hot towel and then rinse.

2)Salon Treatment: Indulge in a Eufora Detoxifier, which removes buildup, adds volume, increases moisture and brings back the natural shine of the hair. This is a deep condtioning treatment in the salon only.

3) Maintaining a haircuts to avoid breakage and split ends: reccomendation for short styles 4 to 6 weeks and long styles 6 to 8 weeks

4)Thermal treated hair: to protect the hair integrity I would recommend a eufora Shampoo and conditioner this is determine by hair type,  fortifi strengthening solution, followed with Eufora color lock, which is sculpture glaze blend with illuminate shine mist. What is dose is seal the hair and will prolong life of moisture, color, and human keratin proteins in hair by 30% longer. Without a treatment you’re burning the hair.

5) Naturally Curly hair antifriz remedies: To enhance curl and decrease frizzes, I would recommend eufora shampoo and conditioner this is determine by hair type, followed with the color lock to seal the hair. Then to eliminate frizz ness curl n defining solution and revitalizer spray to mold and create beautiful curl, then finish with pure polish.


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